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Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski is excellent in most, if not all, aspects of MMA. He's 22-1, a dominant champion, and he's still in his prime at 32. His record is impressive, but his fight stats could be more impressive.

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Volkanovski has a 3x positive success difference; more specifically, averaged 6 significant hits per minute while it only absorbs 3.3. He connects with 55% accuracy and defends 60% of his opponent's attack attempts. His technique is not without strength, Volkanovski has 11 knockout victories in his career. While on his feet efficiently and tactically, Volkanovsky can also fight and fight if necessary. He averages 2.1 eliminations per fight with an accuracy of 34% and defends 72% of the eliminations attempts. Volk's surprising numbers and attack statistics tell the same story - he's efficient on the offensive and evasive on the defensive. This combination creates a dangerous and "great" champion.

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Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega (Zuffa LLC)
Brian "T-City" Ortega also has only one defeat to record, but seven wins less than Volkanovski. Once considered a specialist in submitting with minimal beating, Ortega opened the eyes of some of its critics. He has three wins by knockout and seven by submission. When hitting, Ortega often has less volume than his opponents as he tries to counter and land big. It averages 4.3 significant beats per minute with an accuracy of 38% while absorbing 6.3. These numbers are slightly skewed due to his early career strategy.

In his last fight, "T-City" threw an impressive 214 strokes, 212 were considered important, and he made 59% of his attempts. His opponent managed only 62 of his 163 attempts before losing to Ortega by decision. Ortega has improved on his feet, but his submission game is his specialty. He averages less than one out and one submission per fight. The numbers are lower than expected because once the fight is on the ground it is often only a matter of minutes before Ortega receives a bid to win.

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Striker vs Grappler is too oversimplification for this fight. Volkanovski is primarily a striker, and Ortega is historically a fighter and specialist in submission; The champion and contender # 1, however, are much more complete.

As the numbers show, Volkanovsky is a powerful offensive and defensive fighter who accompanies his tactical and powerful blows. In the meantime Ortega has improved enormously, so that he could win punch fights against the punch specialist. It's going to be a big fight wherever it goes.

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