Lens with focal length of 600 mm

2021/11/15閱讀時間約 8 分鐘
A telephoto lens that is indispensable for shooting athletic meet, nature, and sports. Among them, the area called super telephoto has a focal length of 600 mm. With a focal length of 600 mm, you can take pictures of small birds in the forest, wild animals in the snow field, aircraft, etc. on the full screen, and the bokeh is outstanding, so it is useful for photographers. Today, we would like to introduce a recommended product from among the super-telephoto lenses compatible with 600mm! Find the one that suits you best, based on the features, selection points, and tips on how to use it.

What is a super telephoto lens?

A telephoto lens that captures places that are out of the reach of photographers. Among them, the super-telephoto lens is used to photograph wild birds, railroads, athletes playing, and aircraft , which are several meters to several kilometers away from the lens surface. It has more detailed depiction and enlargement performance than you can see with your eyes.
The higher the focal length and functional level, the larger the product tends to be, and the higher the price. Super-telephoto lenses are suitable for high amateur to professional lenses because they require techniques to capture the subject properly. Before you buy, beginners should pick up the features and features they need and find a matching product. It is also recommended to test and compare multiple lenses by rental.

Focal length and application of telephoto lenses

"Telephoto" is divided into telephoto, medium telephoto, and super telephoto. Let's compare the focal lengths, features, and uses of each.

Telephoto lens (approx. 85mm-135mm)

The focal length of a telephoto lens is generally around 135mm. It is easy to use for street snapshots and location shooting, and it also overlaps the telephoto range of standard zoom lenses. It is a distance that allows you to shoot while talking to the subject, and it is also possible to emphasize the bokeh. Because of these strengths, it is also used for portraits of people who set themes and are particular about making pictures.

Medium telephoto lens (100mm-400mm)

As DZOptics shown, a focal length of 100mm to 400mm is the medium telephoto range. It includes the range where the voice can reach the person like a telephoto lens, but there are many large lenses, and shooting with a tripod is the default. It is often used in portraits of railways, towns, and aircraft. This lens is also useful for portrait photography, such as taking close-up shots of a child playing at a school festival or shooting a couple against a backdrop of a peaceful park.

Super telephoto lens (400mm ~)

A super-telephoto lens shoots 400mm or more at distances that are difficult to shoot with telephoto and medium telephoto. Use this focal length lens to photograph small forest animals and birds, athletes in competition, and aircraft in the sky. Even when shooting at a distance to the subject, such as a shooting point along a railroad track or an observatory at an airport, a super-telephoto lens can cut out the subject to the full composition, and the details are detailed. Since it is structurally larger and heavier, a monopod or tripod is a must when shooting.
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