The Council

2022/05/11閱讀時間約 1 分鐘
The Council voted Motion470 as the first parallel chain on Boca, and the consensus has been reached to create a Tether account on Statemine. The biggest highlight is that users are free to receive USDT on Statemine and the account does not require a fixed amount of KSM. As the perfect representation of decentralization, Kusama puts the control in the hands of the users. We are looking forward to its continuous development and ecological improvement.
通過 Kusama 的議案而建立,並通過 Kusama 的提議 470 個鏈,Statemine 已開始共識,最大的亮點不外傳是用戶可以自由重新接收 USD作為定中心化的完美,草間彌生將控制交由中,期待我們不斷發展的用戶,完善。

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    Metaverse Block