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The idea of lighting design 設計理念

Brightness, Color Temperature And High CRI 亮度、色溫

  • Ensure the lighting is bright enough for customers to see the details of the curtains.
  • Choose 4000K natural light of the color temperature that presents the real colors of the curtains.

Task Lighting And Accent Lighting 重點照明

  • Provide focused task lighting in areas where customers need it, such as at products where they may be browsing through fabric swatches or making decisions.
  • Use accent lighting to highlight specific curtain displays or featured products. This can create a focal point and draw attention to certain items.

Avoid Glare And Consider Customer Comfort 防眩與舒適度

  • Position lights in a way that minimizes glare which might make it difficult for customers to see the products clearly.
  • Ensure that the lighting is comfortable for customers, avoiding overly harsh or dim lighting that could deter them from browsing the curtains.

Highlighting Window Displays 玻璃櫥窗展示照明

Use spotlighting to highlight these areas and attract the attention of passersby.

Extension Of Space 空間延伸

The illumination could extend to the ground and broaden the space of this showroom.


Project Galleries 案場實紀

TJ2 Lighting|LED Lighting Manufacturer, lighting manufacturer and led lighting supplier in Taiwan

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This article is provided by TJ2 Lighting, led lighting manufacturer, lighting manufacturer in Taiwan.


TJ2 Lighting|LED Lighting Manufacturer, lighting manufacturer and led lighting supplier in Taiwan

Enjoy Lights!

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