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Edward’s ritual of starting a new year

As the leading star of the movie for celebrating the Lunar New Year “Kids,” Edward is extremely busy with the promotion events of this movie though everybody is on holiday. The movie, which started rolling during the Covid 19 spreading, is on right now; in fact, it is worth everyone’s time watching it in the movie theater. Meanwhile, in addition, in 2023 Edward released his debut album “Almost Human.” As a talent known to be an actor, he was excited about telling stories to people by music, which seemed to be like making a dream come true to the extent that he even cried at his press of releasing the album. That revealed the true emotions of this sexy guy, which made people know his real personality.

Last year he was interviewed for the December Issue of Crazy Paper, during the interview, he showed his sense of humor and divulged lots of his secrets of stupidity. All made the crew on site felt impressed (good). Loving to make people around happy, he ultimately fulfills his ritual of starting a new year, which he wants to share; that is, stay joyful all the time. He expects to hold his own live concert in 2024 (YA!). Fans, try your best to urge his agency and make wishes all time to make this happen as soon as possible.

Q 1: What is the most impressive thing last year, and which one you want to start over if you could?

I’m really happy to have released the first album. Since long time ago, I has wished I could be known in a different identity, which is let people know more about me through music. I don’t want to start anything over. The preciousness of life lies in the fact we cannot start over anything; everything happens once and once for all. And I always try my best in everything since I know I cannot start it over.

Q 2: Choose one song that can represent you.

I choose “Invisible Love.” At the time being, I’m still in the progress of maturity; most of the time I’m confused and helpless, but people around always comfort and encourage me just as the lyrics show I’m in a state of hiding myself in crowds, in everyone’s arms, and watching this world quietly.

Q 3: The must-do during the Lunar New Year.

Reuniting with family members. You know last year I spent a lot of time on work, unable to stay with my family; therefore, during the holidays, I want to stay with them as possible as I can.

Q 4: The expectation of the dragon year and the goal you must reach.

I really want to hold my own live concert. (Me too)

Q 5: Do you have any ritual of grabbing good luck?

To stay joyful all the time is the best way to have good luck.

Q 6: Any recommendation of ringtones for being lucky the whole year?

The soundtrack of the movie きくじろうのなつ (Kikujiro) by Takeshi Kitano is very playful, definitely bringing you good luck.

    All about Chenhaosen (Edward Chen), an actor n singer from Taiwan.
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