【How to Write】The structure of an academic paper

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The following is a basic writing structure for an academic paper, and you can just copy and paste them as the outline to start your paper writing. You will be able to fill it with more details step by step based on your research progress.
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction (background, literature review, niche, research purposes/questions, etc.)
  • Method (research design, participants, instruments/materials, procedures, data analysis, etc.)
  • Results (quantitative results, qualitative results, figures/tables, etc.)
  • Discussion (explanations, comparisons, etc.)
  • Conclusions (key findings, implications, future work, etc.)
  • References
In the following articles, we will introduce some basic sentence patterns that are commonly used in different sections of a paper and share practical writing & reviewing experiences with you.
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