Finding Budget-Friendly Accommodation :Munich、Dresden A&O

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Europe's Established Accommodation Brands- A&O,Offering a Variety of Room Types, including Double Rooms, Multi-person Rooms (6, 8, 10 people), and Female Dorms, at Very Affordable Prices (often less than 17USD). It's the preferred choice for many Backpackers.

1.Accommodation location : Munich

Room Type: 10-Person Dorm

Price: 13.8 Euros (with applied discount code)

Here's the link for the discount code, simply choose one with the highest discount and enter it."

Bunk beds with 5 sets in the room

Bunk beds with 5 sets in the room

Official booking website:

Lodging Experience:Munich

This is the most budget-friendly room type, costing less than 17USD per night. Guests checking in can choose their beds in advance, and it's not guaranteed that all 10 beds will be occupied on the same night. Each individual bunk bed has a storage locker underneath, but you'll need to bring your own lock. There are also power outlets and night lights next to the beds, although some may not be functional.

These are the amenities you'll find in this room type. Bathrooms and toilets are located outside the room in the shared restroom area, equipped with a hairdryer, shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, and toilet paper. Choosing this room type may depend on your luck, as you'll likely encounter travelers from various countries, each with different habits and schedules (some guests may arrive late at night), so it may not be the best option for light sleepers.

If you need sheets, pillowcases, or towels, you can purchase or rent them at the front desk. Therefore, it's recommended to bring your own towel. Not having a pillowcase or sheet should be acceptable."

2.Accommodation location :Dresden

Room Type: Double Room

Price: 35.32 Euros (with applied discount code) (Including 7% Value Added Tax), Additional city tax is payable on-site."


Official booking website:

Lodging Experience:

The double room for less than 20 euros per night was truly a great value. However, room prices vary from city to city; for instance, the double room in Munich the other day was on the higher side. In Dresden, there was a city tax to pay, but it was still more affordable compared to accommodations in other countries.

The room came with two single beds, a cupboard, chairs, a TV, a private bathroom, shampoo and shower gel, a hairdryer, towels, bed linens, and pillowcases - basically, it had all the amenities you'd expect from a hotel. I can't recommend it enough!"

Other Information (A&O Locations by Country and City):


Germany: 15 locations

  • Aachen
  • Berlin
  • Bremen
  • Dortmund
  • Dresden
  • Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne
  • Leipzig
  • Munich
  • Nuremberg
  • Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Stuttgart
  • Weimar

Czech Republic:

  • Prague


  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam


  • Budapest

United Kingdom:

  • Edinburgh (Scotland)


  • Graz
  • Salzburg
  • Vienna


  • Copenhagen


  • Venice


  • Warsaw

This is a brief overview of A&O's affordable accommodations across Europe. You can plan multi-country or multi-city trips using A&O's locations as a guide. If you found this information helpful, please like and follow. Thank you!"