Equity Investors vs. Debt Investors

2019/06/23閱讀時間約 2 分鐘
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Many people don’t understand what is the difference between Equity Investors and Debt Investors. We would like to briefly explain the differences.
Equity = Investment
  1. For: generate future income, you don’t sell later
  2. Use: running cost, to run operation, ex. employee, marketing, rent
  3. Investors get: company shares, profit(income-expense) of the company (profit is not only expressed as money, but it could also be expressed as cost)
  4. Return on investment: is higher than Debt investor, but the risk is higher as well
  5. Investors’ Risk: company spend too much cost, and they can’t pay back to investors
  6. Investor need: help growth management
Debt = Loan
  1. Investors get: interest of the loan
  2. Return on investment: around 20% per year
  3. Investors’ expense: tax, bank fee
  4. For: sell later, depends on the company
  5. Use: buy material to manufacture the product, buy the product to sell later
  6. Advantage: Lower risk to keep the value
Please feel free to correct us, if we are wrong. Or if you have any question, please leave your comment, or discuss with us.
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