Col. Doug Macgregor - Ukraine Russia Latest

2022/09/21閱讀時間約 1 分鐘
So good to see Col Doug Macgregor back from his three week holiday. In my opinion he has the most realistic understanding of the conflict in the Ukraine, he is supported by an abundance of evidence on the ground. He totally contradicts the propaganda we do get daily hoodwinked with by our Western Media. Accordingly, Putin will boost his troops in the Ukraine, conquer all Russian territories, like Odessa Transnistria, Gagauzia and Kharkov, rendering Ukraine as a landlocked country who has no other choice but to come to the negotiation table.
Polish government: Russia's coming referendums, it will result in the annexation of Russian territory in eastern Ukraine that they have every right to Annex Western Ukraine which was part of the Polish Lithuanian Empire anyway.....
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