Do What You CAN'T

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I remember my sweating hands because of the nervousness. In Mandarin, we prefer to use nouns rather than verbs to describe things. I guess that is the way we live, think before do in most cases.

We think a lot more than we do. That means, we say way less than we think. What does that mean? We Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese Culture, we speak through our face to show our attitude. You can't tell our attitude even on our faces for some elderly, they just don't have faces.

For some people, being quiet is tough, so maybe being quiet is their CAN'T thing. For me, showing up is my CAN'T thing, then I would love to show up more so that someone can know more about me and my status.

I mean, you and I live together, right? We have to lean on others to stay healthy and grow with joy.

Do what youn't.