APOLLO Track Lights / Spotlights -New Arrivals | 2023

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| New Arrivals |

TL-APOLLO Track Lights / Spotlights

TL-APOLLO Track Lights / Spotlights

TL-APOLLO Track Lights / Spotlights


Interior Designer Strongly Recommended

| Product Introduction

355° x 90° Elegant Design

Being the center of attention under the spotlights!

| Rotatable 355° / Adjustable 90°

By spotlighting specific objects, architectural features, or focal points in a room, track lights add depth, drama and atmosphere. This makes them a popular choice for showcasing artwork, sculptures, or decorations, such as The Franz Collections, Meissen, Wedgewood, and Sevres enhancing the overall visual appeal of a space.

| Applications

It could provide efficiency, and flexibility for residential and commercial areas such as living rooms, retail display spaces, offices, museums, galleries, shops, stores, etc.


Demo of Apollo track lights/spotlights

| Clear and beautiful light shapes add more value to the collections APOLLO

10W / 18W / 28W with high lumen&CRI creates hierarchical light shapes and adds more ambiance and value to your precious collections.


| Product Features

355° Rotation / Adjustable 90°

Highly adjustable with 90 degree and 355 degree rotation.

apollo track lights/spotlights

apollo track lights/spotlights

4 beam angles

Optional 15° | 24° | 36° | 50°

Four kinds of beam angles suit all purposes of usage.

4 beam angles of track light

4 beam angles of track light

High Color Rendering

Optional CRI 90/80

COB LED light source provides vivid illumination and adds value simultaneously!



Accent and task lighting applications

Easy to install, easy for life!

The 355° rotatable and adjustable 90° design of Apollo track lights/spotlights offers flexibility in installation and usage in every place.

Popular in residential and commercial areas, such as stores, restaurants, shops, galleries, kitchens, living rooms, etc.


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This article is provided by TJ2 Lighting, led lighting manufacturer, lighting manufacturer in Taiwan.


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