Diary Aug 16: The imminent train

2021/08/15閱讀時間約 6 分鐘
Without any sophisticated reasoning, I think I'm back to Medium. My main purpose of starting to write here again can be summarised as three main reasons.
First and foremost, it is also my #1 reason for restarting my writing here - I would love to check the connection of my like coin button and my articles here. I have written some pieces here in both Chinese and English. However, because of the absurdly low click rate and view rate here for my passages, I turned out giving up this platform since I really can't figure out the reasons for writing in a platform continuously when this is a place that is as quiet as a ghost town from my perspective. It is doubtlessly just from my perspective since scenes out there in other bloggers' Medium land are way more vibrant with over thousands of likes and lots of comments to read. Never mind, I'm just coming back to check if I will make it by seeing my like coin button or anyone's like coin button being here.
Besides, this thought pops up in my mind tonight: probably I should also start to write whatever I like in a format of diary to churn out my private thoughts, feelings and whatever that I can come up with in an improvisation kind of style. Writing in Matters takes me hours to think about what to write. Perhaps I'll copy this article to Matters too but the chance is so slim to non-existent because I don't hope my Matters to be a dump land for whatever I have just thought without my Shirley's final touch-up.
By the time I have reached here, I've forgotten my last reason for my writing here. Let's call it a day then. Sleeping too late is never good for my health either. Stepping into the late 20s, I have already realised the importance of adequate sleep despite my unwillingness to face it as something that is imminent like a train that is zipping down the underground to take me to my office in a tight schedule. Do I dare overlook it? No. I hope my answer is Yes, though.
p.s.* Wondering if I can see my like coin button at the end of article after publishing this passage on Medium.

Photo credit | Shirley Leung (ME!)

Venue | Hong Kong. It is a clock tower in a park that is near my apartment. I took it with my iPhone the other night with B&W filter.

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