Diary Aug 27: Name card and 4 a.m.

2021/08/28閱讀時間約 8 分鐘
My personal name card I designed on Fiverr
Recently, I’ve been working on mainly two projects of mine after I have had a bath at 4 a.m.
It is simply crazy because it has been continued for few days in a row. For the time when I want to start to get more serious, I myself will even be terribly shocked! It is all provided that I am also giving it all to my full-time job during dayttime!
The first one is designing my personal name card. It is because I have always been wanting to have my personal name card. I find my name card so precious that I have not even thrown away the one I was given by one of my former companies for which I work as my first full-time job. It seems like I have a kind of obsession on name card ……
What does a name card mean to me, or anybody who posesses one? Status in the society? Privilege in an industry? Fame? Or even wealth? Publicity? Popularity? Support from clients who I have been dealing with? (Or, taking care of, politically correctly speaking.)
The reason for asking a Turkish designer to design a name card for me is purely promoting my personal writing platforms, namely Medium, Matters, Vocus and my personal home page I built via Google months ago. Being a writer is wanting to be seen or read. It is normal. More normal than normal. I mean, if one doesn’t want to be discovered as a capable writer, the only reason to explain the constant effort in churning out literature work is that writing is a means of therapy which I hold totally no doubt on because many people do this to soothe themselves amid the turmoil in life.
So do I. It is just that I am a little bit greedier. I also want to be discovered for my written work that they appreciate. Hopefully not too famous, though.
To achieve this, I ponder that probably a personalised name card may make a good beginning.
The second task I have been working through is more frequently updating my blogs in the above platforms. Trying to write diary on Medium (and transferred to Vocus) is one thing for me to train my ability to write something concrete and constructive every single day, well, as possible as every day. Sometimes when I am too tired physically, I won’t be able to do so. Yet, at the same time, it is always true that my brain is still running. My hands and body are yelling for time to take a break but not my brain. Even in dreams, my brain is also functioning like what the neuroscientists have pointed out.
I think it’s pretty much for today because I’ve updated my personal newsletter and written some new stuff and moved some old stuff today among the writing platforms.
Today is a nice day. Hopefully, tomorrow is one too! I don’t mind lacking challenges in life because I’m prone to depressing feeling and anxiety. No news is always good news for me. So hopefully, I can make it tomorrow too!
I have to sleep now. See you guys soon!
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