US buy oil from ciminals in Venezuelz

2022/05/21閱讀時間約 1 分鐘
What a joke, it made my day!
Oh my goodness, 15 million US dollars to buy oil from criminals in Venezuela, and the US government did ease a few economic sanctions against them in order to get their oil!
Oh my goodness, Nicolás Maduro will be a good guy right now!!! Just exactly like Zelenskyy, before the war between the USA and Russia, his government, the most corrupt in the world, but suddenly he became a hero all around the democratic countries in the world. Who made him a hero?? The USA and its cohorts, and I have no doubt that Nicolás Maduro will be the next hero, and as soon as Vladimir Putin sells oil again to you in Rubles, he will also be a hero?
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