What happened to the successful representor of Ukraine?

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What happened to the real representor of the Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Translation of Alina Pash's Instagram post
I am a citizen of Ukraine, I follow the laws of Ukraine, I try to bring the traditions and values of Ukraine to the world. What this story turned out to be is not at all what I put into my song.
I am an artist, not a politician. I do not have an army of PR people, managers and lawyers to resist all these attacks and pressure, hacking my social media accounts and threats. And neither do I have them to resist the completely unacceptable wording that people use without the situation and forgetting the dignity of all Ukrainian citizens.
I don’t want this virtual war and hate. The main war now is the foreign one which came to my country in 2014.
I don’t want to be part of this dirty story anymore. With a heavy heart, I withdraw my candidacy as a representative of Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest. I am incredibly sorry.
We will contact UA:PBC and sign all of the necessary documents.
On a side note, I want to thank everyone who supports me and helps me, who listens to my song and the important message, and not gossip about me. Thank you!
The story continues with you and it is up to us to decide what it will be ❤️
Let's unite! Now it is more important than ever! 💛🇺🇦💙
What the hell, all because she traveled to Crimea via Russia in 2015???
Ukraine is not a democratic country at that time???
Traveling to a place via Russia then she will be a spy or terrorist? What hurts your country for she is only singing in the contest? It is crazy to the extreme.
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