Ukraine ADMITS The Truth

2022/09/05閱讀時間約 3 分鐘
I wish the mainstream media would report this, but they don't. The UN is thanking the Russian military for protecting it's nuclear inspectors of the Zaporizhzhia Reactors from attacks by the Ukrainian army. This is obviously crazy stuff for the mainstream media, because they are paid by the criminal war mongers to denigrate Russia. The fact is, Britain has trained hundreds of young Ukrainian soldiers, specifically for the task to attack the Zaporizhzhia power plant, exactly at the time when the UN inspectors are due to arrive. And indeed the attack occurred at that time. Fortunately the Russian intelligence was aware of it and consequently have totally annihilated the attackers, only four of some three hundred attackers have reportedly survived. This does not really matter to the war criminals, that is the US,UK,Germany, Australia and more, they are only Ukrainian kids, they were declared as cannon fodder already in 2014. War criminals have no conscience, they have the right to declare anyone as cannon fodder, as they please.
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