America's most controversial ambassador, Joseph P. Kennedy.

2023/09/07閱讀時間約 5 分鐘

All of our friends understand very well the disgusting attitude of the CCP's diplomatic war wolves, and the two ambassadors abroad in the first half of 2023 have burned two big fires, making the world hate the CCP even more.

First of all, the ambassador to France, Lu Shano, or donkey wild more aptly, not only previously said that the reunification of Taiwan should focus on ideological transformation, French time on April 21, 2023, in a French television interview, not only said that Crimea belonged to Russia from the outset, but also said that, from the perspective of international law, the former Soviet states do not have the status of international law in effect, because there is no international agreement to recognize the status of the sovereignty of the country, a mouthful of directly provoked the turnover of the thirteen countries of Central and Eastern Europe, is really good enough to spread wild.

Then the ambassador to South Korea, the criminal Haiming, to the South Korean opposition party leaders criticized South Korea too much inclination to the United States, but also said that betting on China's loss will regret, these words caused the South Korean government strong dissatisfaction, not only the two sides each other summoned the ambassador in protest, the South Korean parliamentarians demanded to be classified as an unwelcome figure, expelled from the country, and even on June 13, South Korean President Yoon Sik-yuet, said that the words and deeds of the Hyung Hae-myung displeased the South Korean people, and also compared to the Yuan Shi-kai, but also really are all brainless war wolves.

But it reminds kenshin of the most controversial ambassador in U.S. history, Joseph Kennedy, who may not be too well known in person, but whose son was the assassinated President Kennedy, and whose story is definitely worth telling. Today, kenshin is going to spend a longer time talking about this not so well known, but very influential ambassador of the United States.

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