What have animal-people done to hoomen? by May 15, 2024

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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Packham issues damning “death” warning as he pleads ‘stop eating chickens’  (Mirror, April 24, 2024)

獨家: Chris Packham 發布毫不留情且帶有譴責性的 "死亡警告" ,請求大家別再吃雞肉 (i.e. Chicken-people's meat, 雞族人的肉)了


i News

New chicken megafarms should be ‘blocked’ due to toxic air pollution.

Campaigners call for planning restrictions on factory farms afteri

investigation reveals major health concerns.

(April 27th, 2024)

早就該關閉數百萬計的雞場 (i.e. chicken-people factory farm 雞族人繁殖場),這些雞舍讓有毒物質危害空氣污染的情形加劇。



FSN| Food Safety News

Fatal Listeria outbreak linked to smoked salmon.

(April 26th, 2024)

致命的李斯特菌的爆發與煙燻鮭魚肉 (i.e. Salmon-people's meat 鮭魚族人的肉)有關


NorthCentral PA.com

Study suggest hunters may have contracted fatal brain disease from deer.

(April 18th, 2024) 

研究指出狩獵者可能從鹿 (i.e. Deer-people, 鹿族人) 感染到致命腦疾



Beef Warning Issued Over Potentially Deadly Contamination.

(April 21, 2024)

警告大眾:牛肉 (Cow-people's meat, 牛族人的肉) 可能感染致命疾病。


7 News WSPA.com

Nationwide health alert issued for ground beef over potential E. coli risk

(April 21, 2024)

發布國家級健康警告:牛肉 (i.e. Cow-People's Meat, 牛族人的肉) 帶來大腸桿菌的風險。


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