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This is your mission for eternal life, hiding her secret whispers. Fortunately, eternal life is worthless. This life has lost one of the cutest people. The squatting little children sing your eyes and look at the city. The country of that little child is shrouded in the city. The hatred of the world appeared at the end of his life. I saw the sun rising three poles high. It was just the illusion in the dream. Sometimes, if the sun is not tired, the lake is rippling in the heart of the lake.


人們, 當他們窮的時候, 心靈特別好, 但只是一點點錢然後放手. 據說每個人的命運都會隨著自我中心的轉變而改變.
在一個寒冷的冬天, 外面的人不多. 一個乞丐在加熱橋下燃燒葉子. 在他的身體上, 只有一件薄弱又破碎的衣服. 在他旁邊是每日儲存單位.
即使如此, 乞丐們燒了葉子, 嘴裡一直說這真的太令人滿意了! 這真是太滿了!"
當時, 該地區最富有的外國人經過並聽到這些話. 他想為什麼他這麼滿意? 我有滿滿的錢的人, 但還不夠".
奇怪的是, 外國藥丸來到乞丐那裡, 問道: '你能告訴我, 人們真的知道足夠嗎?"
'當然, 先生, 現在和我一樣, 感覺這就夠了!"
剛剛聽到乞丐和他的身體的回答, 那個外國人說?"你知道這個詞嗎?"
這個外部乞丐是奇怪的, 善良的, 不太多貪婪, 罕見的人, 所以把他帶回家, 給他一個筆記本會計. 同時, 也給他取了一個新名字' Knownough ".
從我去祖母家的那天起, 我就知道了很多東西, 但我有錢, 所以我的身體也變胖了, 我的想法有點改變. 他也被他的老闆私下聘用來做日常服務.
知道足夠滿足這個美麗的女僕, 立即放手. 女傭看到了這個, 就報到了外國藥丸, 但外邦人不相信它, 但也說!". 我不相信, 他沒有太多的慾望, 他知道的夠多!".
第二天, 女傭請外國人親眼目睹. 就在這位女傭向知道足夠的茶時, 他放手嘲笑她.
看到這個的外國人很生氣, 說在城裡, 有些人仍然欠債, 請拿10個銀子和這封信來要求債務. 當你花光所有10個銀子時, 顯示你的信".
知道在要求債務的路上可以攜帶行李. 當他手中花光了所有10萬銀子時, 他立即開啟了這封信, 看看老闆說的.
沒想到信中會寫道你說你知道的夠多了, 為什麼你還嘲笑先生. 霍恩? 你忘了你在橋下熱身的時候嗎? 今天我追逐你, 花光我所有的錢, 不會讓你回來".
從那時起, 知道足夠的時間會回來成為過去的乞丐...
人們知道在獲得福利(福利, 利潤...)時最困難的是. 當有機會時, 外面有無數有吸引力的東西, 吸引人們的心就像火燒, 心靈改變.
如果你想知道足夠的知識, 滿足你的生活, 你必須總是培養你的心靈, 培養你的道德來贏得你的慾望和外部誘惑, 你可以改變你的命運..


But when it’s so heavy, who has the surplus of life to read the sadness, flying in the sky, fortunate people, who has an artistic conception that wants to see the world, hears the light, in the lost dreams of people I look at the dreams flying in the sky, even though life is thinning with the sunset A watery Yun Ying'er often says that there is only an empty world left. The workers are too childish. I naturally copy and I silently lose my beauty.
Change mentality: People, when they are poor, their hearts are particularly good, but just a little money and let go. It is said that everyone’s fate will change with the transformation of egocentricity. In a cold winter, there are not many people outside A beggar burns leaves under a heating bridge. On his body, there is only one weak and broken garment. Next to him is the daily storage unit. Even so, the beggars burned the leaves, and they kept saying that it was really too Satisfying! This is so full!" At that time, the richest foreigner in the area passed by and heard these words. He wondered why he was so satisfied? I have people full of money, but not enough". Strange Yes, the foreign pill came to the beggar and asked: "Can you tell me, do people really know enough?" "Of course, sir, like me now, it feels enough!" Just heard about the beggar and his body The foreigner said? "Do you know the word?" The beggar replied! "I know a little bit!" This external beggar is strange, kind, not too greedy, and a rare person, so he brought him back Home, give him a notebook for accounting. At the same time, Maternity Pill also gave him a new name "Knownough". Since the day I went to my grandmother’s house, I have known a lot of things, but I have money, so my body is also After getting fat, my mind changed a bit. He was also privately hired by his boss to do daily services. Knowing enough to satisfy this beautiful maid, immediately let go. The maid saw this and reported to the foreign pill, but the Gentiles did not Believe it, but also say! "I don't believe it, he doesn't have much desire, he knows enough!". The next day, the maid asked a foreigner to witness it with his own eyes. Just when the maid knew enough At tea, he let go and laughed at her. The foreigner who saw this was very angry and said that in the city, some people still owe debts. Please take 10 silvers and this letter to demand debts. When you spend all 10 silvers , Show your letter". Knowing that you can carry luggage on the way to claim debt.
When he spent all the 100,000 silver in his hand, he immediately opened the letter to see what the boss said. Unexpectedly, the letter would say You said you know enough, why do you laugh at Mr. Horn? Did you forget when you were warming up under the bridge? Today I chase you, spend all my money, and won’t let you come back.
From then on From now on, knowing that enough time will come back to be a beggar of the past... People know that the most difficult thing in getting welfare (welfare, profit...) is. When there are opportunities, there are countless attractive things outside, attracting People's hearts are like fire, and hearts change. If you want to know enough knowledge to satisfy your life, you must always cultivate your mind, cultivate your morality to win your desires and external temptations, you can change your Destiny: Favorited 原作 Trung Lễ
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