If you critique someone, you must include all the relevant c

2022/05/14閱讀時間約 2 分鐘
If you critique someone, you must include all the relevant comments. According to the Bloomberg interview, Alexander Lukashenko did say that the use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable, but he also mentioned that: "Vladimir Putin most likely doesn't want global confrontation with NATO. Take Advantage of this, otherwise, the military will react, even if Putin doesn't want it. Today it's not Zelensky who's running Ukraine. No offense, that's my point of view, maybe I'm wrong. You (the US) are running it.
In your video: 3:28 You claim that Russia did not allow civilians to escape from the Azostal buildings, this is wrong and defamatory. The fact is Russia welcomed the removal of civilians from the Asofstal complex and held a ceasefire to accommodate it. It is very evident that you intentionally want to blame Russia for all the atrocities committed by the Azov battalion.
Your posts are designed to denounce Russia, and you cannot produce any tangible evidence for doing so. It is wrong that you try to deceive your audience with your unsubstantiated bigotry.
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