a Map of the war in the Ukraine, 9. May 2022

2022/05/14閱讀時間約 5 分鐘
Here is a Map of the war in the Ukraine, 9. May 2022. In one of the impact craters, near the Polish border on the left, are fragments of the $70 million lethal weapons assistance we provided for the fascistic terrorists in the Ukraine to prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people in this proxy war, blown to smithereens by a supersonic missile.
We could have used the $70 million to ameliorate poverty in our country, but that would have been too difficult, an administration nightmare, it is just so much easier, with the tick of a pen to sign it over to the terrorists, in violation of our constitution, just to please the bumbling fools who are running our foreign affairs right now, Biden, Johnson and Scholz.
In doing so we declared ourselves a co-belligerent in a conflict that could potentially lead to WW3, and we do not even know why we do it. Like the weapons of mass destruction predicament in Iraq, first we go to war and then we desperately try to justify it, with fabricated lies. The loss of a million lives is just an incidental collateral damage.
But, watch out, the world is changing, highly intelligent leaders like Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin do influence some 7 billion people on this earth. They do not agree with the bumbling fools who influence a mere 1 billion people. We have already declared war on China and Russia, even though we are not even aware of it. Maybe we should talk to the leaders of the 7 billion people, and talk less to the bumbling fools?
There are alternatives. Costa Rica with a population of 5 million has abolished its military force completely in 1948. It has signed Free trade Agreements with the USA, Canada, China, most European countries and some Latin American countries. Why does nobody invade the country? Why don't we appoint leaders with the intellectual capacity to ask this question and try to separate perceived threats from real threats? We can't, we seem to be traditionally required to cling to the apron string of the bumbling fools who make their fortunes in trading arms.
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