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【三顧茅蘆,被看見的美】"請邀請我" 。投射者俱樂部
~ Ra Uru Hu

5th Lines
It’s one of the dilemmas that 5s have in relationships: they cannot be read. You do not know what is going on behind that. You cannot. It’s just not possible. And you have to accept it as a 5. What I derive from that is my aloneness. I recognize that the only awareness of self that I need is my own. It’s been clear to me for a very, very, very long time that I can never be anything else but somebody else's construct. It’s so odd. And for me, I have an archetypal role for a 5, obviously. I do have the benefit of all this knowledge. So, I look at it and I see, my goodness, what it must mean for those out there who carry that and don't know and what that leads to in the distortion that's out there in homogenized plane.
One of the things that concern me about people who know Human Design is about understanding that profiles are one of those things that give you a social correctness that is a rarity. It allows you to have an insight into what is used for doctors— bedside manner. When you know that somebody is a 1/3, as an example, you know if you’re going to have a conversation with them and you lay something out, they will challenge it. You know that’s the way they are and the way it's supposed to be.
If you don't know that and you’re so proud of your little whatever it is and they challenge it, you can end up reacting, being upset, think certain things about them that are not true, and so on. When you have this knowledge, this is all about giving you a foundation to beware about the nature of the world, not just yourself, but the world and the world around you and the beings around you. And to give you an extraordinary opportunity to be able to communicate with people in a very clear way, which means getting rid of the illusions of what you think the other should be relative to you. ~ Ra Uru Hu
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