Brink of nuclear war | New phase in Ukraine conflict

2022/09/30閱讀時間約 1 分鐘
Scott Ritter interviewed Andrey Gurulyoy, a Russian military leader.
The essence of the interview:
  1. Russia doesn't want to use nuclear weapons to threaten Ukraine, they will only use nuclear weapons to respond.
2. They will bring free medical services, free education, and pensions to Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaparayev, and Kherson. Four new Russian Republics that Ukraine has bombarded and murdered over the last 8 years.
3. Russia has no incentive to blow up its own NorthStream pipeline, it is easy enough for them just to switch it off.
4. And finally, Andrey Gurulyov said, he wishes the US government would look after its own citizens (they don't have free medicare or free education), but Russia has........!!!
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