"Donbass, 8 years later" (Anne-Laure Bonnel, September 2022)

2022/09/24閱讀時間約 2 分鐘
Some images of the war in Ukraine when the war started in 2014. Needless to say our media has kept this all under cover, this is not for public consumption, because our governments are responsible for these atrocities. Now in 2022 it is different, because now we can blame the Russians for all atrocities, no matter who commits them. Now the mainstream media are busy broadcasting any anti Russian propaganda, like the war trial in Bucha, where a Russian soldier was charged with the killing of a civilian with a gun. All fake news, of course, the Russian soldier (if he was a Russian soldier) was handsomely paid for his "guilty plea" by the Hollywood producers of the propaganda movie. The media is running this war to keep the public on side. But things have changed, Russia does get serious now by giving the people of Ukraine a chance to pledge allegiance to whomever they like. The result will be an overwhelming victory for Russia, declaring the Donbas as Russian territory, and willing to defend it at all cost against any attempt by the Western war mongers to invade Russian territory.
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