Giorgia Meloni 義大利右翼民粹主義

2022/09/27閱讀時間約 2 分鐘

Political views should not be defined between LEFT and RIGHT, they should be replaced with RIGHT and WRONG.

Traditionally our political views were defined somewhere between LEFT and RIGHT. Times move on, this concept is no longer valid, on first principals there is a much more complex transition between LEFT and RIGHT.  Sebastian Kurz was one of the first politicians who publicly replaced LEFT and RIGHT with RIGHT and WRONG. There is no LEFT wing policy or a RIGHT wing policy, there is only a RIGHT policy and a WRONG policy. We have all the hope in the world that Giorgina Meloni does recognize the difference between RIGHT and WRONG. By all indications, she does that perfectly, and the world can only hope that with the help of the experiences of Silvio Berlasconi and Matteo Salvini that she will succeed.

政治觀點不應該在 LEFT 和 RIGHT 之間定義,它們應該被 RIGHT 和 WRONG 取代。
傳統上,我們的政治觀點被定義在左翼和右翼之間。 時代在前進,這個概念不再有效,在第一原則上,左和右之間的過渡要復雜得多。 Sebastian Kurz 是最早公開用 RIGHT 和 WRONG 代替 LEFT 和 RIGHT 的政治家之一。 沒有左翼政策或右翼政策,只有正確的政策和錯誤的政策。 我們對 Giorgina Meloni 確實認識到正確和錯誤之間的區別充滿希望。 種種跡象表明,她做到了這一點,世界只能希望在西爾維奧·貝拉斯科尼和馬泰奧·薩爾維尼的經驗的幫助下,她會成功。
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