REVIEW OF MOVIES:6/45(樂透大作戰)

2024/02/13閱讀時間約 4 分鐘

In fact, I chose this movie solely for its cover, which looks like a comedy. Who doesn't want to watch a comedy movie after working like a bee for five days? Prepare a can of soda, and lots of french fries. Most importantly, spend time with your lovely family during the weekend.

"6/45" is an interesting movie. The story takes place near the 38th Parallel, which serves to dismember North and South Korea. A soldier in North Korea picks a lottery ticket which was blown from South Korea. Surprisingly, the lottery ticket wins the first prize. But they need to give the ticket to the soldiers in South Korea to exchange it for money. They didn't trust each other at first. After several fights, the soldiers decide to meet in the tunnel that connects the two countries.

To make sure they can get the money in the end, they decide to take a hostage for a week, while one South Korean soldier exchanges the first prize for the money back. It's an impossible mission to exchange soldiers in the military. They not only accomplish it but also help the other side's development. The South Korean soldier improves the poor farm industry when the North Korean soldier helps his partner avoid the bomb. Although their boss discovers what they did and the prize they earned, and almost kills them, they fight against him and retrieve the money back. In the end, the lottery ticket symbolizes peace and love in this movie.

In general, "6/45" is not only funny but also meaningful. The screenwriter successfully addresses the serious military problem and relationship between the two countries in a humorous way, and he/she achieves it! That's the reason I fell in love with it and included it as the latest movie in my rank.

This is my first article, hope you guys enjoy it! Please feel free to leave a message and share your thoughts with me. :)

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