Let's take a look at Taiwan's clothing!

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If you want to know more about Taiwan or if you're interested in Asian clothing.Let's take a look at these historic Taiwanese clothing!
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A.D.1624~1662:Dutch and Spanish colonies

The Portuguese who navigated through the Taiwan open sea in the early 16th century called Taiwan”Formosa”.
The Dutch East India Company (VOC) came to the area in search of an Asian trade and military base. In 1626, the Spanish Empire, viewing the Dutch presence on Taiwan as a threat to their colony in the Philippines, also established a settlement.

A.D.1662~1683:Kingdom of Tungning

On the China, Manchu forces overthrow the Ming dynasty. In 1661, a naval fleet led by the Ming loyalist arrived in Taiwan to oust the Dutch and establish a pro-Ming(Kingdom of Tungning) base in Taiwan.

18th~19th:Qing rule Early Han settlers

From 1683, the Qing dynasty ruled part of the island as Taiwan Prefecture. The Qing authorities tried to limit immigration to Taiwan and barred families from traveling to Taiwan . But Illegal immigration still continued.

A.D.1860~1890s:Occupation of the Qing Dynasty

the Qing government limited immigration to Taiwan. Such restriction was relaxed following the 1760s and by 1811 there were more than two million Chinese immigrants on Taiwan. In 1887, the island was declared as a separate Fokien-Taiwan Province.
Hoklo:The people who come from Fujian.
Hakka:The people who come from Guangdong.

A.D.1895~1945:Japanese rule

In 1894–95 the defeat of the Chinese navy during the First Sino-Japanese War,Japan was able to gain possession of Taiwan. From then on Taiwan was ruled by Japan until 1945.
Japanese colonization of the island fell under several stages. It began with an oppressive period of crackdown and paternalistic rule but still maintain the old customs of Taiwan.
The second stage was a dōka (同化) period of aims to treat all people (races) alike proclaimed were inspired by the Self-Determination of Nations proposed by Woodrow Wilson. At this time, Japan promoted a large number of modern public construction in Taiwan
During World War II, a period of kōminka (皇民化), a policy which aimed to turn Taiwanese into loyal subjects of the Japanese emperor.
The Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan in 1895~1945 was ended after the Second World War ,and Republic of China Government received Taiwan and Penghu. This is the current regime in Taiwan.
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