A Visit to Namasha 那瑪夏之行

2022/04/15閱讀時間約 4 分鐘
Few things are as wonderful as visiting Namasha: a mountain area in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan. We drove a long time to visit this place because we wanted to experience the culture of indigenous people and see beautiful fireflies. Thanks to my husband’s driving skills, the journey was far from bone shaking.
When we arrived at Mango bazaar in Namasha at 4pm, we bought a bottle of sacha inchi oil for my parents to increase their mental health. The shuttle bus service for seeing fireflies would start at 5:30pm. Therefore, we took this interval as a good opportunity to rest, meditate and nap. After resting in the homestay, we went to the night market for dinner. During dinner time, there was a nurse singing several songs to entertain everyone! One of the songs was Jolin Tsai’s “Say love you”. I would suggest everyone to say "I love you" to your loved ones in daily life. That will make your loved ones very happy!
After dinner we looked for the shuttle bus, but the current bus already went away. I was about to grind my teeth, but my mom friendlily asked the traffic director at Mango bazaar about the condition. The director said there would be another shuttle bus coming. We were all very happy! The coming bus took us all to see fireflies in the rain. Knowing the short life of a firefly from the docent, I decided to cherish every living moment.
Namasha is a place worth visiting because of its optimistic and friendly native people, elegant fireflies, and magnificent mountain scenery. However, this journey came at a price to me, because I caught a cold after seeing fireflies in the rain. Therefore, be sure to bring enough clothes and raincoats when you visit Namasha. Then you will definitely be satisfied with your journey!
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