VirtualscapeB360 /漂流在宇宙的記憶碎片

2023/10/02閱讀時間約 3 分鐘

作品名稱:VirtualscapeB360 /漂流在宇宙的記憶碎片
「102º_GPSMAS + 121º_GPSTW=virtualscape 」系列


作品尺寸:20.4 x 40.8cm

作品媒材:數位多媒體,照片, EA藝術微噴



Two sets of images with different latitudes and longitudes, by contrasting the images with the marked GPS points, present the changes in two sets of human society, culture, and local customs in two different online networks. Images are not only representations of phenomena but also passages to another time and space. When facing the impact of different cultures and things in different geographical locations in life, the inner self undergoes significant transformations. In a moment, it attempts to capture itself, but the subconscious can only see fragments of drifting memories.

This image is extracted and condensed from the Virtualscape series of image works, just as elusive and unreal as it is in the multimedia virtual space of the work, as if it does not exist and yet is present. Unfortunately, these memories not only drift on their own but also drift in the universe, rapidly consumed by the void. In the post-human era of the information civilization, human existence seems like fragments adrift in the universe compared to the vast cosmos.

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