About Choosing Street Food(下)

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I'm trying to answer the questions from this article:

【Further Discussion 延伸討論】

  1. (it's a long story.)

I'm not sure if I have had food poisoning, but I remember when I was a child, I participated in a traditional wedding party, in Taiwan, we called that "Bando("辦桌"的台語)" aka “Roadside banquet”.

Because I really like to eat fish, I ate a lot of a kind of fish at the party, I don't know what is the fish's name, only remember the fish meat very soft and no fish bone. I only could see the fish's body was chopped piece by piece on the dish, no fish head, no fish tail. That's what a great thing for a child that I didn't need to pick the fishbone, and no annoying fish head! So I ate a piece and a piece of fish's body, and no doubt.

After the party, I went home, and I started to have the runs(diarrhea), but I didn't have normal shit, I got a... oil shit!! Oh my god, I thought I would die, and die with unknown reason! Then I started to cry alone. I didn't want to leave my mom, my dad, my brother, and all of my family.

Then, my brother told me he had the same situation. What? And a few minutes later, I heard our neighbor told to my parent they had the same situation, too. "Oh, I'm not alone!" I thought at that time.

And I heard my neighbor told to my mom: "What a black-hearted chef! Give us the garbage fish! make me have an oil shit all day!"

Oh, I knew we would die for what reason!

Finally, my mom told us we won't die, but maybe have oil shit for several days. And the fish came from a ditch, not a sewer lid but a farm ditch. The fish is illegal to sell at fish markets but cheap, and it tastes like cod, so many dishonest vendors sell that and lie to customers it is cod.

Because I didn't go to see a doctor and got well a few days later, I think maybe it is not part of food poisoning.

Wow, a little long story, and it's the end.



Of course need to think about Tainan, there are many street foods, like beef soup, and tofu pudding in 安平,

especially 國華 street cross 正興 street, a lot of traditional foods and new foods are gathered there.

Like milkfish congee, rice noodles with squid, shrimp rice, and chicken house(炸雞洋行).

As long as you want to have a dessert, there are 蜷尾家 ice cream, 莉莉fruit ice, and many hipster coffee stores. Welcome to Tainan~


Ok, like we mentioned in question 2, I would recommend foreigners try some foods like beef noodles, beef soup, milkfish congee, shrimp rice, and bubble tea.

There are many tea shops in Taiwan, not only bubbles, you can change to taro balls, coconut jelly, coffee jelly, and pudding instead.

It's even possible to adjust the sugar and ice in your tea.

So, welcome to Taiwan~~


There are not many foreign restaurants where I live. If must to say, I think the Vietnam and Thailand restaurants are more in there.

Recently, my ex-colleague recommended a restaurant to me, the restaurant named "好泰麵", according to the name, we can know that is a Thailand restaurant.

The food is clean and fresh, which is not common in kind of these restaurants.

Especially the Pork Rice(打拋豬?), it is really delicious if you have the chance, must try it.


I don't cook in Taichung, because I'm not used to the kitchen here.

But when I was living in Tainan, I loved to cook Japanese hamburgers, different from American hamburgers, A Japanese hamburger is thicker and more juicy than American's.

I can mix some tofu in the hamburger, the tofu can decrease the hamburger's calories, and I can put it in a bento box, then take it to my office as a lunch.

And I can make a lot of raw hamburgers and put them in the freezer(冰箱), when I want to eat them, I can cook them immediately.