Eighth English Diary

2019/04/08閱讀時間約 12 分鐘
5:41 p.m.
  I felt graceful and peaceful in the coffee shop because I had been losing the warming love inside my heart for a long time after reading bible and listening poetries. I didn’t know whether I had qualified value that Jesus wanted to save us by sacrificing his life. Furthermore, I was just a man full of sin that always argued how hard the difficulties in front of me, however he still used his blood and the glory above the cross to reverse our life to more plentiful confine. Why does he think that we worth him to do that? If I reflect to myself, can I do such things to other people? It’s too hard to answer…
  Why does Paul determine to disseminate gospel outside from his hometown. He was just a normal man before god chose him to disciple. Whether god also choose me to do something someday, then how would I make decision when he want to give decree at that time? I’m still afraid that I don’t have enough confidence to abide by the pressure in further growing process. Lord, please let me calm down and give strength from your mercy.
   I still worried about lots of to-do list because I always delayed the schedule in my plan day day after day. I realized how I weak in front of you, even I could’t stand up… I will carry on walking notwithstanding how difficult the way you want me to do, hence giving me more power and intelligence to confront difficulties and reminding me to be humble day by day. Giving all glory to our god. A-Men.
7:05 p.m.
Cost time: 1 hr 30 mins


  1. 挽回 reverse, undo, save, retrieve, redeem
  2. Reverse a.顛倒的(order), 相反的(direction), 背面的,反面的(side)
    e.g. His coat can be reversed when it begins to rain.
    e.g. He reversed his car into the garage.
    e.g. She reversed her views.
    e.g. The court reversed its decision.
  3. 境界 boundary, confine, limit, state, realm(王國,領土,領域,範圍)
  4. Confine n.邊界,邊緣,區域,範圍
    e.g. The scientist are trying to prevent water birds from leaving the confine of this preservation (保護區).
    e.g. We’ll confine our discussion to the main issue.
    e.g. He was confined to bed by illness.
  5. Reflect v.反省,思考,帶給,招致,反應,表現,反射,映射
    e.g. He reflected that he had no right to do this.
  6. 傳播 disseminate (v.散播,傳播), propagate (v.繁殖,遺傳,傳播,普及,傳導), spread, blow about, give about, get wind, take wind
    e.g. propagate scientific knowledge
  7. Rumor v,n.謠言,傳說
  8. Downtown adv, ad, n.城市商業區
  9. Ballet n.芭蕾,芭蕾舞團
  10. 家鄉 hometown, homeland, homeplace, native place, native soil
  11. affection n.感情
  12. Soil n.泥土,土地,國家,領土,務農,農業,溫床,滋生地
    e.g. Some soils are not suitable for farming.
    e.g. He died on British soil.
    e.g. Soil is the fundamental industry in the nation.
    e.g. Parts of this town are soil for crime.
    e.g. A white dress soils easily.
    e.g. Her slanderous (毀謗) words soiled his reputation.
    e.g. The rain soils the stone on the beach.
  13. Disciple n.信徒,門徒,基督教會友
    e.g. Martin Luther King considered himself a disciple of Gandhi.
  14. Discipline n.紀律,教養,訓練,休養,懲戒,懲罰,教規,戒律,學科
    e.g. They have good discipline.
    e.g. It takes years of discipline to become a pianist.
    e.g. A little discipline would do them a lot of good.
    e.g. He disciplined the new soldiers.
    e.g. The boss isn’t going to discipline anybody.
  15. Decree n.法令,政令,命令,教令,判決,裁定,天意,天命
    e.g. He is to be the new ambassador to Japan by decree of the government.
    e.g. The court granted her a decree of divorce (離婚).
    e.g. The minister decreed that there should be a full investigation.
    e.g. The committee decreed the movie unsuitable fo children.
  16. Suitable a.適當的,合適的,適宜的
    e.g. He was just not suitable for the job.
  17. Afford v.買得起,足夠去做,提供,給予
    e.g. Dancing affords us pleasure.
    e.g. Can you afford the time?
    e.g. We can’t afford to pay such a price.
  18. 承受 take, receive, accept, bear, support, sustain, endure, abide by
    e.g. You must abide by the results of your mistakes.
  19. 前面 preceding, ahead, in front, the front, the front side
    e.g. The road diverges ahead.
    e.g. He had been in Cuba the preceding summer.
  20. Mercy n.慈悲,憐憫,仁慈,寬容,善行,幸運,僥倖,救濟,救難
    e.g. The commander (司令官) showed mercy to the prisoners of war.
    e.g. It was a mercy that whole family survived the earthquake.
    e.g. Distributing food among the homeless was an act of mercy.
  21. Homeless a.無家的
  22. Outcast a.被拋棄的,被逐出的,被丟棄的
    e.g. An outcast from society
  23. Day after day 日復一日,天天
    e.g. He was doing the same things day after day.
    Day by day 一天天
    e.g. She is getting better day by day.
  24. Notwithstanding conj.雖然,儘管
    e.g. Notwithstanding he tried hard, he failed in chemistry.
    e.g. Her parents tried to prevent the marriage but the wedding took place notwithstanding.
    e.g. Notwithstanding the bad weather, the match (比賽) went on(進行).
  25. Match n.比賽,競賽,對手,婚姻
    e.g. Our side beat the other in the match.
    e.g. The blue shirt and gray tie are a good match.
    e.g. Bill is no match for his brother on this.
    v.較量,比賽(+against),比得上(+for, in),相配,相稱,比較,匹配,使結婚
  26. Hence adv.因此,由此,從此,從此生,從今世(go/depart hence)
    (Synonym) therefore, consequently, accordingly, thus
    e.g. This is a good necklace, hence it’s expensive.