Are pipis and mussels the same? (內附華文版本)

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Are pipis and mussels the same? Where do they usually live? Are they delicious and nutritious?(內附華文版本)
Wow! It's so delicious, this is the first word that appears in my mind when I first taste mussells fried rice. On the other day, the very same word popped up again when I taste pipis soups.
Since my first impression of pipis and mussels in New Zealand is terrific, I started looking around whether I could find something similar in our daily life in Taiwan. Luckily, we found mussels in a supermarket near our home. We excitedly picked a box and brought it home. What's more, we couldn't wait to share this good news with our uncle in New Zealand, who introduce the good food and cook them for us.
After sharing the good news and disscuss about the good food with uncle in NewZealand, I know more about pipi and mussels.
Thanks a lot to uncle in NewZealand.
Below, I'll share it with you about whether pipi and mussels are the same, where do they usually live, are they delicious and nutritious?

1.Are pipis and mussels the same?

Pipis and Mussels are all bivalve molluscs. What is "bivalve molluscs"? It's animal with soft body, and they usually covered with two shells. But pipis and mussels are a little bit different, the place where they live and the life before they come into our stomaches.

2. Where do pipis and mussels usually live?

Pipis are free-living in sandy and muddy beaches. Pipi is wild and endemic to NewZealand, that is you can only see lively pipis at NewZealand beaches, not in any other countries nor areas. What's interesting, theres a law in NewZealand that says the harvest limit per person is 50 per day.
On the other hand, mussels live around rock shells and usually farm in bay. Mussels are cultivated super well in NewZealand with ropes. Other countries also farm them but in different ways, such as Philipines farm mussels with bamboo sticks. The most famous species in NewZealand is the NewZealand green-lipped mussels. This is also the kind that we bought from the supermarket around our home.

3. Are they delicious and nutritious?

Both pipis and mussels are delicious. They are rich in selenium and vitaminB12. They can stable your blood sugar and daily mood. Also, they can protect your brain and good for sleep.

Try to get pipis or mussels in your life circle, no matter you're in Taiwan, NewZealand, or other places.

You'll find them delicious and full of stories.


水蜆、淡菜是一樣的東西嗎? 牠們通常生活在哪裡? 牠們吃起來好吃嗎、營養嗎?
哇~怎麼這麼好吃! 當我吃到淡菜炒飯時,這是第一句出現在我腦中的話。隔幾天,我吃到了水蜆湯後,同句話又出現了。


水蜆、淡菜都是雙殼軟體動物。雙殼軟體動物是什麼呢?也就是有著軟身體的動物 蓋著兩片殼。不過,水蜆、淡菜還是有些許不同,牠們生長的地方不同,還有牠們進到我們肚子前的生活也不同。



3.水蜆、淡菜美味嗎? 營養嗎?