直覺智慧之技術:情緒清理與光之分送 練習步驟

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情緒清理與光之分送 練習步驟

Steps for Emotional Clearing Exercise
And Light Distribution


Its purpose is to help the practitioner to recast his or her emotional history into the compassion frequency, and by so doing, gain a deeper access and more fluent, on- demand expression of their inner voice or intuitive intelligence.

步驟一祈願 Step 1 Invocation


As the light of my heart brightens, so does my capacity to forgive. As forgiveness flows into my heart it moves upwards, filling my entire head with the most delicate and refined light imaginable, and from this light, a compassion for my past settles in, and all that has occurred is rewritten in this light.


Listen to the words as you say them.

觀想 光在心臟的部位,並看到它流向你的頭部,讓你的頭部充滿光,並延伸到你的頭部之外和周圍。

Visualize the light in the area of the heart and see it flow up into your head filling it with light and extending beyond and around your head.

步驟二 想像 Step 2 Imagination


Allow this light to settle in.

將那 光 感知為非常、非常精緻的金黃色薄霧,懸浮著,但卻在一種察覺不到的層次上行動著。

Perceive the light as a very, very refined mist of yellow-gold, suspended yet moving at a level beneath perception.


This light inside your head possesses intelligence—capable of rewiring, rewriting, adapting your emotional history.


When you feel ready, you may want to imagine seeing yourself sitting in meditation with the yellow-gold mist around your head.

步驟三 放下 Step 3 Release








Teacher: After you have completed the first two steps,

  1. Center your attention on your breathing.
  2. Imagine that your in-breath brings desires of your ego into an interior chamber of your quantum heart.
  3. Then imagine this desire for achievement—in the form of an inbreath—is suspended within this interior chamber by holding your breath. As you do so, your breath is intermixing with the inflow of compassion that arises from your quantum or energetic heart.
  1. Now, expel this newly energized breath back though your heart area.
  2. Each time as you exhale, repeat the phrase: “Leave it in the mystery to shine of its own light.”
  3. Repeat this six to eight times.


Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters. For this knowledge changes everything in the dimensions of the past, present and future.


If you can access your intuitive intelligence, in a sense, increase the bandwidth of your connection to the light energy grid that supports you, a single word can catapult you into understanding, when before a hundred books left you in ignorance.

這是一個需要堅持一段時間 — 通常是三十天或更長時間 —的過程"。

This is a process that requires a consistent practice for a period of time—typically thirty days or more.”

步驟四 光的分送 Step 4. Light Distribution.


Step 4 is a technique to rebalance and replenish your core heart frequencies and to ensure they are being distributed throughout the human instrument. It activates the inner currents.


This step in the process is important because it helps the heart to synchronize its energy with the deeper, sub-quantum structures upon which you depend.


Just as your heart is beating in your chest distributing oxygen to your body and brain system, imagine this same function is occurring in your quantum or energetic heart.


Filaments of light diverge from your quantum heart and connect you to a broader grid. This grid is the source of your existence as a physical being. Think of these filaments as both roots and wings. Roots in the sense that they anchor and ground your existence; and wings in the sense that they provide uplift and expansion to your life.

感受圍繞在你周圍的能量結構。想像你的心正在 "插入 "或連接這個結構。

Feel this energy structure that surrounds you. Imagine that your heart is “plugging in” or connecting to this structure.


If you cannot visualize it, then feel its presence like a primordial soil of life-giving energy. Feel this connection as a rhythmic pulsing of light, flowing from the grid into your heart system and then flowing out from your heart to the rest of your body.


This fourth step is also a technique which can be performed throughout the day and only takes a matter of seconds. It can be performed twenty times each day for the rest of your life.

人類,我們暫時性的身份,活在“分離”的存在模式裡。靈魂,我們永恆的身份,活在“互相連結”的存在模式裡。「互相連結」與「分離」是基本的二元性,如果一個存在,另一個也就存在。在這裡,我們分享 “如何在人類有限的生命裡,在時空二元性的舞台上,以靈魂的身份來生活” 所實驗和探索的經驗。