Short Prose 超短散文 / Mask is good for crying

2021/07/04閱讀時間約 1 分鐘
Source: Lisanto on Unsplash
If someone out there had ever wanted me to list the advantages of wearing a mask when the pure fact was that it was nothing more than terribly suffocating (Okay, it is also effective in warding off viruses as shown in my first-hand experience in Hong Kong in 2003 when SARS engulfed the city). Masks do good to me for that I no longer need to hide behind my tissue paper. Tear that should go its way can feel free to go its way. Out of the frame of the eyes. Down the cheeck. Down the the collarbone and finally perhaps to the ground or the pillow.
Emotion that should flow in its way can finally just flow in its way.
*The girl in the photo is not me. Source of photo: listed in the caption.
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