Is fear a kind of faith?

2022/09/22閱讀時間約 4 分鐘
There is an argument that people "believe" in or try to align themselves with some religion because the ultimate result promised out-weight the requirements of being a believer. If that is what faith is, am I having some kind of faith that there could be an enormous tragedy lying ahead of us? There are numerous creations that described dystopia better and more detailed than I ever could. The only thing I can add is that my experience suggest we are dangerously close to it. It is much more likely to happen than the judgement promised by any religion. Too much more likely.

Should I feel better because many of us seem to deserve it? We do not or did not care. Some even get a taste of the (sharing of) abuses of power.

But what about those who try hard to prevent it? Those who are too young to understand or do anything? Those who are yet to be born?


(My public daily entries are not meant to be an direct evidence t o convince readers of the coming of dystopia. They are a precaution of something smaller in scale. Hint: I came from a place ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.)

21 Sep, 2022
At night, my roommate came to me with gibberish again. One thing being he said I should give him one of my smartphones. I said I am using both of them and if I give him he would have two. He said he will give it to someone else, and that person doesn't have one. Pretty sure that's bullshit. Annoyed, largely because I bought new phones in hope of getting rid of the surveillance but it proved useless and they have what I do, what I type on my phone shared,

I told him to tell that person "give me two hundred euro and he can have it". No s on the word euro.

Really want to be happy with the little things that could be happy with, or simply relax. Tried to think that things wouldn't be so crazy but things came out only crazier than I thought.
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