Fafa's Fried Rice

2024/01/08閱讀時間約 4 分鐘

When it comes to comfort food, everyone has their preferences. To me, I'll probably pick fried chicken, crispy fries, Taco Bell's tacos, and Zipp's flavorful buffalo chicken wings. Food, in a way, acts like magic, casting a spell that can mend emotional wounds, soothe the soul, and evoke cherished memories. Our affection for food is profound; it possesses the ability to nourish us both physically and mentally.

Now, let's ponder another intriguing question: which dish do you find yourself yearning for the most when reminiscing about the past? For me, the answer lies in a humble yet unforgettable meal – my grandpa's fried rice.

Back when I was around 5 years old, the highlight of my day was watching soap operas with my grandma at night. The lengthy and dramatic content provided the perfect excuse for me to stay up late and finish the episodes with her. It was a simple joy and a little trick I played as a kid. On these occasions, my cousin, luckily, would join us to watch TV, giving him the opportunity to request a late-night meal – something I couldn't do since I was not allowed to eat at night. Every time he decided to stay home and catch up on TV shows, I secretly hoped he would order fried rice from Fafa so that I could have the chance to break the rule and share the fried rice.


Fafa's fried rice was a basic yet exquisite dish. Simple ingredients such as rice, eggs, soy sauce, and salt, common household staples, are blended to create a unique flavor. Despite numerous attempts to replicate it since I became capable in the kitchen, I strangely couldn't recreate the exact taste of his fried rice. I often wonder whether it's because Fafa has his secret recipe, or if it's the harmonious and joyful atmosphere that makes the dish truly unforgettable.

I miss you Fafa.