Ninth Diary

閱讀時間約 9 分鐘
1:07 p.m.
  Today, I accepted an interview about iOS Engineer in the nan-gang exhibition building. I finally confront my fear about my weakness. Although they seemed to configure that I’m not qualified enough to serve their company, I still felt better than before that I always worried about everything, even that I couldn’t get a good sleep at night. I would be nervous about interview content and doing lot’s of effort. I didn’t understand whether this situation is suitable to current unemployment state. Despite feeble professional ability, I still can pluck up my spirits after getting such depressing thing. I won’t let myself stop at the same point again because lord is my helper.
  I know that I will experience lots of unemployment in great disappointment when I determined to quit the job. I don’t have chance to go back and it’s no time for sorrow. I’ve to avoid this bummer and let me become a decisive man. Forgetting the past and moving on ahead. Don’t let anything bother your will. However, what should I do in order? There were plenty of challenge needed to overcome. Yeah… I often told with these words like don’t and can’ and doubted myself. This feeble spirit has to eliminate from my life.
  When you covet someone’s achievement, you can’t satisfy with your intrinsic worth. Sorrow amplitude will corrupt your bone; however, delight mind cure your soul.
2:49 p.m.
Cost time: 1hr 30 mins


  1. despite prep.不管,儘管,任憑
  2. Feeble a.虛弱的(feeble from sickness),衰弱的,無力的,軟弱的(feeble personality),站不住腳的(his argument is feeble),拙劣無效的,微弱的(feeble cry),薄弱的
  3. 振作 brace one’s heart, brace up, rally, bestir, perk up, pluck up, to be of (good) comfort, gather oneself up, lift up(or raise) one’s head, take heart, pull oneself together.
  4. 傷心 heartbroken, grieve, broken-hearted, sorrowful, be sick at heart, break one’s heart
  5. Grieve v.悲傷,苦惱,哀悼 (= mourn, lament, sorrow)
    e.g. She was grieving for that dead baby.
  6. Lament n.悲痛之情,哀悼,痛哭,哀歌,輓詩,悼詞
    e.g. The widow lamented the death of her only child.
  7. Widow v,n.寡婦,喪偶
    e.g. His widowed mother brought him up.
    (Derivative.) widower n.鰥夫
  8. 失望 lose hope, get the cheese, disappointed, frustrate, disappointment, letdown, frustration
  9. Disappointment n.失望,掃興,沮喪,使失望的人,令人掃興的事
    e.g. He left the station in great disappointment, for (因為) she wasn’t on the train.
  10. 失憶,挫傷 failure, setback, abortion, washout, letdown, frustration, rue, sorrow, disillusionment, disenchantment, bummer, blow
  11. 果斷 resolute, decisive, firm determined, purposeful
    e.g. A decisive person is needed to deal with situation.
  12. 戒 take precaution against, warn, admonish, give up, get rid of , abstain from, refrain from, guard against, avoid
  13. Precaution n.預防,警惕,謹慎,預防措施
    e.g. I took an umbrella as a precaution.
  14. Admonish v.告誡,警告,提醒,勸告,責備
    e.g. My mother admonished me against arrogance(驕傲).
    e.g. His friend admonished him against drinking.
  15. Brake v.煞車
  16. 大量 amplitude, fullness, exuberance, luxuriance, lavishness, prodigality, richness
  17. Lavish a.慷慨的,浪費的,大量地,豐富的,無節制的
  18. 懷疑 doubt, have doubts, mistrust, suspect, discredit, call sth. In question, be dubious of (I’m dubious of her honesty.)
  19. 羨慕 v.admire, envy, covet (垂涎、貪圖、渴望), begrudge (吝惜,嫉妒,羨慕), admiration, envy, jealousy (妒忌、猜忌、戒備、警惕)
  20. Sorrow v,n.悲傷,悲痛 (= grief, sadness, regret, trouble, misfortune, suffering, woe, anguish(v, n.苦惱,極度痛苦), misery, agony(極度痛苦,臨死的痛苦,爆發), remorse(n.痛悔,自責))
    e.g. With remorse and shame, he asked for her forgiveness.
    e.g. She had no remorse about what she had said.
    e.g. They went through the agonies of war and famine.
    e.g. The loss of her son anguished her deeply.
  21. Torment n.痛苦,苦惱,痛苦的根源
    e.g. She is real torment to me.
    e.g. He suffered torments from a bed burn.
    e.g. She torments everyone with her silly questions.
  22. 腐蝕 corrode, etch, erode, corrupt, canker
    e.g. It was power that corrupted him.
  23. Corrupt v.墮落,腐化,腐壞,腐爛
    e.g. Complete power corrupts completely.