CHOICE is much more important than EFFORT

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This is the statement which makes me impressive with emotion recently. Lots of people think that they are hard working enough but why still need to struggle for living? In other words, many people consider their earning is not satisfying at all.

From 2020, Taiwan is suffering from more and more severe social phenomenon of gap between rich and poor. To be more specific, if you work for semiconductor industry, then most likely you have a chance to have much more annual income than other people. As a result, obviously it's getting more and more expensive to buy an apartment in Hsinchu in recent years as local people can afford such kind of rocketing living cost. It's not difficult to imagine employees in semiconductor industry earning much more than before, even than other people in general.Therefore, if you work for semiconductor industry, congratulation to you as your actual buying power can catch up with the inflation no matter how talented you are or not!

In other words, this proves if you make a right decision in the beginning, you just need to spend limited efforts to gain your return or reward easily.

Well...actually we can also apply for this kind of situation to another scenario. Let's say "Choice is much more important than Effort". Thus, in order to ensure your job stability or stable career development path with growth, it's also important to choose a "Right Company" rather than a company under recession which even is willing to offer you a better pay, because you will never know how long your employer can afford to pay you if the future of the company is under a big uncertainty.

Even you can have more income in a short period of time, but given the company which you are working for is just like a sinking Titanic, it's foreseeable you will definitely need to spend double or even triple effort to do your jobs or even just want to survive day by day. Maybe in the end you will still lose your job because a company's failure cannot be recovered by only single one person. In this case, your decision to join this company in the beginning is justified?

However, this short essay is to record my failure recently as I didn't keep it in mind:

Choice is much more important than Effort.

Now I am suffering from this lesson learnt and need to rebuild the order of my life and career plan. The feeling is just like standing in the cross road and I am not pretty sure which way will be the best for me...

However, keep it in mind, "Choice is much more important than Effort." The key lesson learnt is to ensure the best decision based on long-term consideration rather than short-term evaluation.

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