Weight loss and heart

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Weight loss and heart
Many weight loss methods advertise rapid weight loss. In fact, this is a taboo to lose weight. It is harmful to health and it is easy to get fat again. If you want to lose weight safely and effectively, you should try to fall in love with balanced and low-calorie foods.
Coupled with appropriate exercise, with this healthy lifestyle as a magic weapon, weight loss will naturally come naturally, and the results will be guaranteed forever.
Some commonly used weight-loss drugs on the market usually contain ingredients such as thyroid hormones and adrenaline boosters. This kind of medicine can increase the body's heat energy consumption, increase metabolism, and make people produce a physiological reaction similar to exercise after taking it.
And play the role of weight loss. However, after the use of these drugs, side effects similar to those of excessive exercise may occur, such as rapid heartbeat, inability to sleep, and easy agitation. Physical overdraft breaks one's inner balance and is also detrimental to physical health.
We often move, is there any effect of exercise? You can use the instructions below to check whether your exercise is safe and effective. If you want to exercise safely, don’t forget to do warm-up exercises before exercise and cool-down exercises after exercise.
And wear appropriate footwear and necessary protective measures. If you feel uncomfortable, you should do some relaxation exercises and then stop. If you are already a victim of cardiovascular disease, then you must remember,
The exercise method and amount of exercise should follow the instructions of the doctor. If exercise is to be effective and safe, it is best to exercise only 1-2 hours after a meal, and even more perseverance, at least three times a week for 30-40 minutes of sweating exercise. Besides,
The speed of the center jump is also very important for exercise. It is best to reach the standards listed in the table below to have the exercise effect. Next time you exercise, you might as well count your heartbeat during exercise to see if you have reached this standard.
Age 20 years old 25 years old 30 years old 35 years old 40 years old 45 50 55 60 65 70
Hope to reach
Heartbeats 140-170 137-166 133-162 130-157 126-153 123-149 119-145 116-140 112-136 109-132 105-128