2019/05/03閱讀時間約 3 分鐘
What’s your career planning? That’s the most important thing that I ask to myself in these days because of job seeking. I tackle some difficulties, for example, quickly finding outline in academic articles and papers, finishing tasks in limit time to pressure myself to maximize the production.
I lived in well and arrogant to everything. I reminisced these experience that giving me funny memories and told myself that I should knuckle down to study. In the reason that I reschedule my weekly plan to implement LeetCode problem and practice TPO in my first priority. Maybe, it’s adolescent vexation without any real problem; however, it’s really significant to me to take responsibility to every choice and I need to deliberate instead of making decisions leisurely. I gradually figure out who am I and what do I want by writing SOP again and again.

Something catches my eyes that someone initially approved my abilities and wanted me to occupy the CTO position.. Suddenly, I noticed that everything seems like working slowly; meanwhile, I can’t believed that previously I heard the truth. I attempted to ask some questions to conceal my disquiet and recover my consciousness swiftly. This is so incredible that happens to me but why I have such reflections? The answer is that I don’t enough confidence and I’m afraid of something behind. “Is the position really important to me” I ask to myself. None. The most important thing is that I need to break through my invisible limit that I give myself imperceptibly.