【How to Write】Describe the research background

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In the Introduction section, we need to describe the background of the research. That means providing a summary to help our readers understand the importance of the topic, the key terms, and related concepts. Here are three basic sentence patterns that you can easily use in your writing.

Recently/In recent years,...... has/have attracted/received/drawn considerable attention in......

e.g., In recent years, issues regarding learning analytics have received considerable attention in blended teaching and learning contexts.

In/Over the past X years/decades,...... has/have progressed......

e.g., Over the past five years, the data analysis techniques for deepening the understanding of students' learning behaviour have progressed rapidly.

A growing/increasing number of studies are available to shed some light on......

e.g., A growing number of studies are available to shed some light on the design of digital learning environments.
There are so many useful sentence patterns and examples in various published papers and articles. The three basic samples we mention here are just to help you make the first move. It's not that difficult. It's quite easy to get started.
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