There Is No Need To Rush Between You And Me

2021/10/26閱讀時間約 3 分鐘
But I was so determined that I want you to join my life journey.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
The day you invited me, we drink a little bit.
You walked in beauty, I shy and act clunky,
After I met you, everything has shifted. Too good to be true.
I quickly tell you are the special one and I just knew it.
They said: “When you love someone, you just knew it.”
I just knew it.
This time I won’t be negative, I gotta seize it.
I learned to be grateful. Because now we made it.
I learned to listen to feelings. It gave me the courage to pursue the future I want it to be, that is created by you and me.
I learned to be more authentic. Because you deserve it.
You’re the motivation,
You’re the girl, the woman, the one in my life.
Listen to me attentively,
Whatever the challenges you’re facing,
Whatever the hardship you’re dealing with,
Whatever it might be,
Babe, I want you to know certainly, I am always around and you can count on me.
Come, and be my baby.
If you want me to be naughty,
Come, and be my baby and I am always ready.
If you ask me: “What is happiness?”
“Besides my dad, that would be you and me.”
It’s been an amazing journey. I mean it.

By 賽門 Simon
PS. 這是一首經改編過的詩— 關於初識女友,從緊張尷尬的內心掙扎到不知不覺陷入愛情漩渦的心路歷程。
讀過 Maya Angelou (美知名詩人、得獎作家、人權活動家) 的作品後的二次創作。
👉 把文字 —> 文案。「學到的每一刻,簡單好懂的每一課」